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Welcome to Department of Culture and Language Studies

The School of Continuing Studies was established at Curtin University, Sarawak, Malaysia in 1999. In 2013 the school was renamed from School of Foundation and Continuing studies (SOFCS) to School of Continuing Studies (SoCS).

When the university undertook an organisation restructuring process in 2011, the Foundation Programmes (Engineering, Commerce and Arts) were merged under the respective schools which offer similar programmes.  The Diploma programmes and Intensive English Programmes remain with SoCS. The Learning Centre is dissolved and all the staff now serve  under the Department of Language Studies and Humanities. The School still provide English language support modules to students in collaboration with the Dean T&L. We also provide language support modules for staff ( professionals and academics). At SoCS we focus on high quality teaching and supporting learning environment.

Vision - The School aspires to be to be a learner focused centre, delivering programmes highly reputed for its teaching and learning excellence, academic endeavour, and research.

Mission - The School is dedicated to developing and preparing students for undergraduate studies through quality teaching and learning and by instilling values of academic excellence, ethical scholarship, global citizenship and lifelong learning.

Two departments sit under this school are:

  1. Department of Language Studies and Humanities which offers:
    1. Foundation English units,
    2. Intensive English Program, and the
    3. Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) compulsory units, and
  2. Department of Diploma Studies which offers four diploma programmes which are:
    1. Diploma of Business,
    2. Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety,
    3. Diploma of Process Plant Technology, and
    4. Diploma of Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

We look forward to welcoming you to SoCS and to CSM.
Bibi Aminah Abdul Ghani
Head, Department of Culture and Language Studies